A Cupcake Paradise

Our Creations
Traditional Cupcakes

vanilla cupcake - vanilla frosting.
Black Chocolate
chocolate cupcake - chocolate frosting (both made with black cocoa) - chocolate ganache drizzle
Classic Red Velvet
traditional red velvet cupcake - rich cream cheese frosting - red sugar sprinkle
Peanut Butter
peanut butter cupcake - creamy peanut butter frosting - topped with peanuts
vanilla cinnamon cupcake - cinnamon frosting - cinnamon sugar sprinkle
Cookies and Cream
oreo cupcake - vanilla frosting - rolled in crushed oreos
Pomegranate Lime
pomegranate cupcake - fresh lime frosting
Cocoa Peanut Butter
chocolate cupcake - peanut butter frosting - chocolate ganache drizzle

Specialty Cupcakes

Mint Chocolate Chip
dark chocolate cupcake - mint frosting w/mini chocolate chips - dipped in chocolate ganache
Coconut Dream
coconut cupcake - bavarian cream filling - coconut frosting - topped with toasted coconut  
Peanut Butter Cup
peanut butter cupcake - dark chocolate filling - chocolate frosting - topped with mini reeses
mocha chocolate cupcake - bavarian cream filling - kaluha frosting - chocolate covered coffee bean
Orange Dreams
orange cupcake - dark chocolate filling - fresh orange frosting - candied orange rind
Boston Crème Pie
butter cupcake - bavarian cream filling - chocolate ganache
Irish Cream
bailey’s cupcake - bavarian cream filling - bailey’s frosting
Sunset Paradise
blue curacao cupcake - pineapple filling - coconut/rum frosting - toasted coconut
Salted Caramel
chocolate cinnamon cupcake - salted caramel filling - caramel frosting - caramel drizzle
Black Forest
dark chocolate cupcake - cherry filling - dark chocolate frosting - cherry drizzle
Rocky Road
dark chocolate cake - marshmallow creme filling - chocolate frosting - almonds and marshmallows
dark  chocolate cupcake - caramel coconut topping - drizzle of ganache
Banana Foster
banana cupcake (bananas cooked butter, brown sugar and rum) - a rum/banana frosting - banana chip
Lemon Blueberry
lemon cupcake - blueberry filling - lemon frosting - candied blueberry and lemon rind
Tutti Frutti
orange cupcake - pineapple filling - fruit punch frosting
Apple Pie
apple cupcake - apple filling - cream cheese/butter frosting - graham cracker crumbs
Tiger Tail
coconut cupcake - raspberry filling - coconut frosting - raspberry drizzle
Eggnog (seasonal)
eggnog cupcake - rum frosting - nutmeg sprinkle
Candycane Chocolate (seasonal)
dark chocolate cupcake - candycane frosting - peppermint chocolate sprinkles
Gingerbread (seasonal)
gingerbread cupcake - bavarian creme filling - cinnamon frosting - gingerbread man sprinkle
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin (seasonal)
pumpkin cupcake w/mini chocolate chips - nutmeg rum frosting - rolled mini chips
Traditional Cupcakes : $2.75 Each
Specialty Cupcakes: $3.
25 Each
Mini Cupcakes: $1.
Delivery Minimums Apply
(Buy 5 of a kind, get one FREE
for in store purchaces or pickups)